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Award winning ghost writer of books on sales, fitness, personal finance—even a biography and a novel. Also writes articles, web sites, case studies, brochures, and other communications. Contact now and learn more!

Sales is about empathy, learning, and understanding. The most important part of the sales process is being of service to the customer.By putting service first you will find untold fulfillment in your sales career… and material rewards beyond your wildest dreams.

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It takes a special kind of young man to experience a life-changing setback that leaves him all but forgotten by the people who’d known him for years. Can he overcome the challenge? Amazon Link

Cited by Forbes magazine as one of the best business books in 2017, BLOOM is a fast moving read that gives managers some great insights into ways to keep their workforce motivated at work and involved in making themselves more valuable to their employers. Amazon Link

My client Brenda Bence was asked to write the foreword for this updated version of Mac Fulfer’s highly intriguing book on face reading. She turned to me to edit and provide re-writes for her section. Amazon Link

Sitting is the new smoking! We sit at work, in the car, at the bar, and then we get home after a tough day of sitting and… we sit down and relax. This book offers fun stories and great ways to change the effects that so much sitting has on you. Amazon Link

The first book I ghost wrote, I researched and wrote about 75% of the text for this interesting look into behavioral finance, how people interact with money, and why they make so many mistakes. Amazon Link

My client Audrey Boxwell, Ph.D. is the creator of the “Psychehike” and a fervent advocate for people walking many miles every day. She asked me to edit and add my own quotes and insights into this fun and inspiring book. Buy

Her first flight took place when she was six years old, floating above Spokane in an open-cockpit prop plane. As a teenager she stepped into a tavern to find Bing Crosby onstage ready to sing to her. As a newlywed, she joined the Allied War Effort and, the the war was won, she and her husband decamped to Venezuela for three years of work and a lifestyle that was the perfect fit her insatiable appetite for adventure.